You need to stop thinking.

Do you realise that the more you want to forget something, the more you seem to remember it? Why is it? It is because your mind is not in your control, but it is controlling you. Once you learn to control your mind, you’ll learn to stop thinking as well. You know you are always thinking about something. Just thinking drains a lot of energy.  If you stop thinking, more energy can be saved.

But a question may arise “How can you just stop thinking? Isn’t thinking what makes us human?” A philosopher Descartes once said, “I think, therefore I am.” But you can be more than human by stopping to think. You can be a Buddha; you can reach the state of enlightenment. “But thinking has made all of these scientific developments successful”, you may say. Great scientists have reported that their creative breakthroughs came during mental quietude.

The majority of scientists are not creative not because they don’t know how to think but because they don’t know how to stop thinking. However, it’s really hard to stop thinking. I have been trying to do it, the secret to stopping thinking is to focus on the present, to focus on whatever is happening right now, to block unnecessary thoughts, and be in control of your own mind. You can also learn to stop thinking by trying these methods.

More details are provided in the book “The Power of Now” which is available in the UGSS library. You can reach a new version of yourself through this book. This book not only teaches you to stop thinking, it also teaches you to end your pain, kill your ego, and many more. It helps a lot in self-identification and development. I hope whoever reads this will try to stop thinking and control their mind.

By: Dikshya Khiujum, (Management, L2)

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