Uniglobe Library

Welcome to the Uniglobe Library, a hub of knowledge and learning!

Our library is a unique resource center designed to cater to the needs of students, researchers, and faculty members of Uniglobe College.

At Uniglobe Library, we provide a range of resources to enhance the learning experience of our students. Our library comprises both digital and physical resources, making it convenient for students to access information from anywhere. Our digital library is equipped with e-books, e-journals, e-magazines, e-papers, and other electronic resources that can be accessed remotely.

The physical library houses a vast collection of books, journals, magazines, and newspapers for 10+2 science, management, law students as well as staff and faculty. Our collection is continually expanding to meet the changing needs of our students and faculty members. With the help of ID Cards, books can be issued to the students as per their needs.

Our library caters primarily to the enrolled pupils of Uniglobe College. The chief purpose of this library is to promote self-instruction among our students. We believe in providing an environment that facilitates individual learning and promotes group work. We provide facilities for individuals working on their own or in small groups ranging from two students to a whole class, as well as in large groups composed of several classes.

We also provide a room for research and document-study for the pupils and/or teachers disseminating different texts and reference books. Our library provides a quiet and conducive environment for research and learning, allowing students to delve deeper into their academic pursuits.

In a nutshell, the Uniglobe Library is a one-stop shop for all academic needs. We strive to provide an excellent learning experience for our students by offering a comprehensive range of resources and facilities. We believe in promoting self-instruction and collaborative learning, making Uniglobe Library a hub of knowledge and learning for all.    

The aims of the IRC are to:

  1. Support and enhance the educational goals outlined in the College’s Mission Statement.
  2. Encourage students to become responsible users of information.
  3. Provide the college community with a wide range of information and resources and educate them on its proper usage.
  4. Encourage, accept, and embrace cultural diversity, social awareness, and sensitivity.
  5. Fulfill the objectives by developing policies and services to support the School Community.
  6. Develop lifelong learning skills and support & encourage students to become responsible users of information.