Rahul Rai: Polyhistor and Numinous Musician

Rahul Rai, a brilliantly bright star, illuminated the world of each of those who knew him. It was easy to be astonished by his work. It was easy to be awestruck by his mesmerizing work that struck us as empyrean.

Born on the 14th day of October in 1989 in Kolkata to Padma and Nayan Kumar Rai. He was an ordinary boy with a strong attachment and dedication to his passion, music.

During high school, he and his friends started an amateur metal band with the name Kastyal which was not popular then but later it was Dream Diabolic which was disbanded when he enrolled in Sikkim University where he began to pursue a course in music.

During this period, he and his mates came together to form a new freestyle acoustic experimental band which they named “Tribal Rain”. In the beginning, the band members included Namgyal, Asish, Mingma, Abinesh, Biren, Bishal, Yowan, and Rahul himself as the vocalist.

Tribal Rain released three singles: “Chinta” which was their debut single, followed by “Bhanaai” and “Narisawna”and an album named “Roka yo samay”.

Rest in Peace Rahul. Many candles die out having lit up the world for others.

Thank you.

By: Sudarshan Raj Bhattarai (Science O1)

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