Critical Thinking in the Age of Misinformation

Critical thinking is the capacity to read and digest information and then make judgments based on authentic information through the lens of objectivity and one’s thought process instead of relying on others to make decisions for us. 

In this world full of advanced science and information technology, our life has become easier. We can now get every small and big information about events and incidents worldwide. People nowadays check WhatsApp or log in to Facebook, Twitter, Google, or other social media platforms for news and information but instead of getting information, we may get misinformation. Different websites post different information about the same topic which leads to confusion.

Internet platforms post wrong information about a topic, which people tend to believe in without questioning. When newspapers and magazines also publish wrong information, this further spreads misinformation, half-truths, or fake news.

This is where critical thinking comes to our aid. Critical thinking helps us to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. It can help us to analyze truth and make an honest thought about something. Every news and information we get may not be true. Therefore, we need to analyze, think critically, and make a judgment.

Critical thinking allows us to think differently and make the right decisions. It helps us avoid confusion. Above all, it helps to avoid the chances of getting misinformed.  So we must read authentic newspapers, books, magazines, and journals rather than relying only on online space. Online news portals also are good sources of information but we should be able to check if they are misleading us. In the age of misinformation, critical thinking is what we need to develop in each of us.

By: Shreya Bhatta(Science, F2)

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