Our life is so unpredictable that we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. The crisis may arise anytime, anywhere. Art and creativity are talents that can be developed in any individual. For me, art means creating and interpreting the matter in a creative interesting way.

We human beings are known to be the rational and intellectual creatures living on planet Earth. We have developed several things for our present and future. Human beings developed languages to communicate with each other, they built houses for living, clothes for wearing, and invented road networks for moving from one place to another. Anyone with basic knowledge can say they are the results of human creativity. They helped our ancestors emerge from different crises and hard times.

As time passed, art and creativity also developed. People developed the art of writing, singing, sketching, dancing, and many more. They helped them depict their culture and rituals and share them with other groups before language was developed.

Art and creativity are the two wheels of the same motorcycle. Where there is art, there arises creativity. Art fosters creativity and creativity helps to develop art. In a motorcycle, for example, the back tire is always connected to the engine motor whereas the front tire supports balancing the rider. Art and creativity work in the same way.  They are directly connected with our history, costumes, culture, rituals, and religions along with norms and values.

Art and creativity offer solace during the times of crisis like Covid-19 crisis. Many artists entertained us through their creativity and made us remain calm even though the time was stressful. So art and creativity need to be passed from one generation to another. Without them, human life would be monotonous and, probably, also meaningless.

By: Rajak Bayak (Law, M1)

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