By: Aaryan Khadka (Science, A1) |

Love is a simple thing. Everybody loves someone. May it be your friend, family, or even someone special you met throughout your life out of nowhere. Love is free. I can’t explain what love is. People say I don’t know what love is, “I’m just a kid.” But I feel love in my smallest interactions with my family, friends, and dog. I find gestures of love everywhere. From the strictest teachers in school to the person who has nothing for himself loving a stray dog as is his own family. The most love I see is in nature.

Nature is hard, strict, and caring but at the same time it cares, it gives, and it loves. Nature ties us all with an invisible string. From the scariest disasters to a blooming flower, nature shows love to everyone, me, you, and all the animals. That’s why we call her Mother Nature. It’s the same love of a mother. A mother’s love is the purest thing a man can experience. A mother’s love can come from anyone, anything, and any person. It’s the highest form of love someone can give to someone. It’s selfless, always giving, and caring. Sometimes I feel selfish, having so much to experience. So much love from everywhere. Love is troublesome. 

It’s the mischievous thing you do with your friends. Friends that have been with you forever and know all your ups and downs. Even after seeing all of you, they’re still there by your side. That is love. Doing something silly and everyone getting yelled at together in school, is love. My family buys me stuff when they go out even when in not there, I think that is love. Loving myself is a form of love. Although, that kind of self-love fluctuates a lot for me. Even though I see so much love for everyone, from the tiniest creature to the largest, from people I don’t even know or people who have hurt me, I still struggle sometimes to find it for myself, but I’m trying my best every day. Cause you never know what the new day might bring.

I also find love in songs. Every song is dedicated to someone. Every lyric and melody feels close. As if I could dedicate it to someone. Such sweet melodies and lyrics come out of a person through love. It’s truly special, I get to enjoy such special moments in a person’s life. Every beat, chord, and verse has its meaning. A love so pure it makes you create something. 

Love is everywhere. Even at times of crisis, there is love. Every person comes together at times of crisis, staying close as a community. Humans love so much but are still scared to show it. From giving the last bite of your favorite food to that person or being the first person to wish them their birthday. Love shines the most in these tiny moments. It shows that u care about them beyond the superficial materials. 

Love is in grief. Every time we grieve, we remember our love for them. We remember the memories and we express it through grief. Even when they’re gone, we grieve for them, their memories, and the effect they had on your life. People being sad is being in love. Love is everywhere. When you know it’s gone, you feel the love pouring out through tears, anger, rage, poems, letters, essays, songs, anything. Everything we express is either for a lack of or more of love.

But I do think that all the love that humans possess disappears as we destroy our earth. I don’t need to explain about climate change and what’s going on all over the world and how serious it is, but all of us still turn a blind eye towards it. We are scared. So many wars, genocide, and much worse incidents occurring every minute make me hesitate to say love is everywhere. Every day hate grows more and more, over religion, land, caste, color, etc. Why is love and peace so expensive?

But I digress, people still say I’m still a kid. So maybe tomorrow, one day I’ll know what love is. I will understand why we cannot stop destroying the earth, we can’t stop wars, and we can’t love freely. Until then this is everything I know about love.

By: Aaryan Khadka (Science, A1)

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