The Eternity of Hope

In the depths of despair, we silently weep,

Beneath smiles painted on faces, secrets keep,

For within each soul, a storm does brew,

An inner turmoil, known by few.

Searching for solace in the world outside,

Yet the true refuge within us resides,

Yearning for happiness, we wander far and wide,

Unaware it blossoms from the heart’s inside.

If only we’d forgive, and learn to love,

See each other as equals, below, above,

No barriers, no divisions, just unity’s call,

Embracing differences, embracing all.

Life’s canvas painted with myriad hues,

Each shade a story, each tale, a muse,

Beyond the grasp of greed and power’s allure,

Life is us, we are nature, forever pure.

In our own soul’s style, let us see,

The beauty in unity, the harmony free,

For in embracing our essence, we find the key,

To a world where love and compassion decree.

By: Sujita Shahi (Psychological Counsellor)

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