Keeping world safe from nuclear weapons

The development and existence of nuclear weapons have been a subject of intense debate
throughout history. With the unprecedented destructive power, it is crucial to understand and
evaluate the complex issue of Nuclear weapons and safety. Nuclear weapons, in general, refers to
the destructive equipment that is constructed based on the concept of nuclear reactions.
The origin of nuclear weapons can be traced back to the early 20th century when physicists
discovered the immense energy released during a nuclear reaction. The Manhattan Project during
World War II led to the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It marked a turning point in
the history and advancement of nuclear weapons.
Nuclear weapons, created with a good motive, have become the means to appease a sense of
revenge and violence. Many countries today are seen making the use of such weapons inappropriately. Today, even a single nuclear bomb has the power to destroy the whole
world and the evil impacts it brings along are even more dangerous. From the loss of lives and
property to the spread of innumerable diseases, it affects the natural cycle of the environment. Not
only that, it also degrades the layers of the geosphere and stratosphere. Therefore, we all need to be
aware of the threats of nuclear weapons and the terror they can unleash globally.
Positively, leading countries have signed peace treaties and non-violence-related conventions.
They have been practicing disarmament and several forces are working to prohibit the
occurrence of any great devastation through nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy
Awareness (IAEA) has also been putting efforts to neutralize the harms that can be brought about
by nuclear weapons.
In spite of these efforts, the terror of nuclear weapons still prevails. We all need to work to
protect the world peace and human rights. Experimenting and exploring is fine but don’t let that
steal the world’s peace.

By: Atimsha Upreti (Science, F2)

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