Yes… My Mother is a Housewife

– Prishu Sharma, Science, Class F1 |

Time and again, I have to answer the question, “What does your mother do?”  Many times, I have to fill up forms regarding my mother’s occupation.  In these instances, I must answer, “She is a housewife.”  Then, most of the people think that she does not work.  Likewise, most of the male members of my family think that my mother does not work and she stays inside the house only.  In actuality, my mother is the one who works most in my family.  She wakes up at 5 a.m. and does household chores until 11 p.m.

 According to science, the work is defined as displacements of objects in the direction of force when the force is applied on that object.  If this definition is considered, my mother does a lot more work than my father who works in an office sitting on a chair.  In our male dominated society, work is evaluated on the basis of its monetary output.  A housewife is a married woman who makes a house a livable home managing all the chores.  She raises and cares for children, buys groceries, cooks food, does the dishes, clean the house, washes clothes, greets and welcomes guests and many more chores.  If we have to hire people for these works, we have to pay a huge amount of money.  So, the works of a housewife are of great monetary value.  In addition to that, a housewife manages and cares her house with love and affection.  Thus, the work of a housewife must be honored and given due respect.

My day begins with my mother waking me up in the morning and ends up with her smile saying, “Good night chhori.”  I am proud to say that my mother is a housewife who manages our home and takes care of all the family members so that we can all focus on our respective fields.  Let us all take pride on our mothers who are housewives.

By: Prishu Sharma, Science, Class F1

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