If Keyboards Could Talk

– Rakshya Pokhrel, Law, M1 |

If keyboards could talk, they would have told you and held you stronger when you were typing all those vulnerable words to the world. It would have told you so many secrets that go from yours to someone else. It would have told you everything when you were about to give up, about to break up, and about to shatter. It would have wished you goodnight and good morning when the world forgets to wish you and make you smile and start and finish off your day with all of yourself. It would have told you how much the beauty of your soul, touching your words look forward to being like you, just like you. It would have made you sleep with all those words you waited your entire life to hear and cuddle up. It would have fought for you on your behalf whenever the world went rude to you. It would have melted your heart with all those lines that make you blush and you dance in a rush. It would have told you every story it went through and how it still wants to be written once again all over again. It would have reminded you every single day, your colours are the best, your body is fit, your soul is the toughest and your mind is the brightest. And every time when you would be going to close that flap of a laptop it would have stopped you and said ‘Yes I am the only one, telling you more stories and dramas but still you listen to me just like my mumma ‘ . I am scared what if they separate us, you and me. I’ll be broken and shaken because my world comes just from you and you are my taken.

By: Rakshya Pokhrel, Law M1

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