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GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admission Test)

GAMSAT (Graduate Medical School Admission Test)

The Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) was introduced to the UK by St George`s Hospital Medical School in 1999, and is now also used by Nottingham, Swansea, Cardiff, Liverpool, Exeter and Plymouth medical schools. Graduates applying to five year courses at the two latter schools are required to sit GAMSAT. Plymouth is unique as it offered the UK’s first graduate entry program for dentistry, for which GAMSAT is part of the admissions criteria. The test was initially pioneered and used in Australia in 1996 by four medical schools offering graduate entry program. The role of GAMSAT is to assist in the selection criteria primarily for students who are applying to study medicine on the new fast-track graduate entry program.

GAMSAT draws upon a wide ranging skill set and subject knowledge, naturally aligns it to the problem-based learning environment in most medical schools. Whilst GAMSAT is predominantly multiple choice based, it places great emphasis on reasoning ability and critical thinking. It effectively gives a 360 degree overview of your ability to master information adeptly and select relevant responses within a limited time frame. It actively encourages a lateral thinking approach, thinking 'outside of the box'. After all, the study and practice of medicine demands the ability to sift through, interpret and make swift judgements from ever increasing quantities of information and data.

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