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  • रजिष्ट्रेशन आवेदन फारम बुझाउने म्याद थप सम्बन्धि सूचना
  • Notice Regarding Fine & Penalty

History of IRC

The IRC was established just 3 years back with the aim of helping the pupils who are engaged in Uniglobe HSS/ College and Global College International. It had started its service with the ample number of text books and reference books. Yet, it has not long history, it is identically rich in materials. It, currently, has more than 2500 collection including all the text books and reference books. Apart from that, it has many newspaers, magazines, periodicals, journals, etc. which are more beneficial for the students to be prepared their project works. Still, it is providing the service of digital library to enhance the students for their research work