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What is IRC?

Information Resource Centre (IRC), an online digital and physical library, is the crucial part of Uniglobe SS/College and GCI (Global College International), which have been established to support the intellectual needs of the students.

It empowers students to seek solutions and solve problems. It challenges our students to explore and question and express themselves confidently. The IRC is open to all +2 science and management students, A-Level students, and MBA students and all the teachers and/or staffs.

Firstly, IRC makes the room available for pupils and teachers providing different sources of information both in print and audio-visual forms. Secondly, its chief purpose is to boost self-instruction to the students, whether supervised or entirely independent. Lastly, it provides facilities for individuals working on their own or in small groups ranging from two students to a whole class and also in large groups composed of several classes.

Books, dissertations, reports, journals, magazines, reference works and non-print materials are included in the holdings of Information Resource Centre. With the help of ID Cards, books can be issued to the students as per their need.

The centre also provides room for research and document-study for the pupils and/or teachers disseminating different text and reference books.


The aims of the IRC are to:

  1. support and enhance the educational goals outlined in the College's Mission Statement.
  2. encourage students to become responsible users of information.
  3. provide the college community with a wide range of information and resources and educate them on its proper usage.
  4. encourage, accept and embrace cultural diversity, social awareness and sensitivity.
  5. fulfill the objectives by developing policies and services to support the School Community.
  6. develop lifelong learning skills, and support & encourage students to become responsible users of information.