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Computer Science (130)


Full Marks: 100 (75T+25P) | Teaching Hours: 150

Information Technology has become a part of contemporary society and as a potential tool in the socio-economic development of country. As Information technology manpower is the backbone for the rapid development of ICT sector in the country, government of Nepal has accordingly identified IT as a priority sector. Keeping in view the importance of computer technology in general and indispensability of its knowledge and skill to the society in general and to the students of higher secondary level in particular, the course seeks to introduce computer science to acquaint the learner with the basic skills of computer literacy.

Name List of Faculties 

List of Prescribed Books

List of Reference Books

  1. Gurung, J. B.; Baskota, A; Baral, D.S.; Baral, D.; Niroula, R.; Dhakal, T.P. (2008), A Text Book on Computer Science Part-A Second Edition, Kathmandu: Bhundipuran Prakashan.
  2. Subba, B.R., Computer Science Grade-XII, Kathmandu: Taleju Prakashan.
  3. Khanal, R. C. (2007), Computer Practical Volume-I, Kathmandu: Ekata Publication.
  4. Pudasaini, D.Shakar; Adhikari, N., A Text Book on Computer Science Grade XI, Kathmandu: Buddha Academic Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Basandra, S. K. (2008), Computers Today Updated Edition, Galgotia Publication.
  6. Leon, Alexis and Leon, Mathews, Fundamental of Information Technology, New Delhi: Vikash Publishing Houses.
  7. Sinha, P. K. (2003), Computer Fundamentals (Cd) 4th Edition, BPP Publication.
  8. Rajaraman, V. (2007), Fundamental of Computer, Prentics Hall, Fourth Edition.

Evaluation Scheme

Theory Evaluation:
• Short Questions
• Long Questions
• Short Notes
Theory Questions are guided by marks distribution and model questions.

Practical Evaluation:

SN Unit Topics No of Exercise Mini Projects Evaluation Remarks
1 5 PC Component 2  
Practical Marks Evaluated By: External Examiner: 10 Internal Examiner: 15, Based on Mini Project, Lab Exercise and Final Project
2 6.3 Operating System(Windows) 4  
3 8.1 Word Processor 6 5
4 8.2 Spreadsheet 5 5
5 8.3 Presentation 4 5  
6 9 Internet, Email 4 2  
7 10 Web Page Designing (HTML) 6 5  
8 11 Final Project      

Evaluation Scheme

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  • Dashain Assignment

  • 5 Set Model Questions

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