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English (002)


This is an integrated general English course which treats English as a medium for communication and as a means to knowledge. This course is divided into two interrelated papers leading students from intermediate level of English proficiency to upper intermediate.

Faculty of English Department



Mr. Laxmi Prasad Ojha  Mr. Ganesh Datt Bhatt
HoD Faculty of English
Faculty of English Program Coordinator, Management Stream
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Mr. Mahabir Paudyal Mr. Kabindra Subedi
Faculty of English Faculty of English
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Reference books

1. One of the followings dictionaries:

    a. Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Cambridge: C.U.P. 1995.

    b. Collins COBUILD English Dictionary (New Edition). London : Harper Collins, 1995

    c. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (Third Edition) Harlow: Longman Group, 1995.

    d. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (Fifth Edition) Oxford: O.U.P. 1996.

2. Swan, Michael (1984), Basic English Usage. Oxford: O.U.P.

3. Doff, Adrian, Christopher Jones, . Keith Mitchell (1984), Meanings into Words (Upper-Intermediate)) Teacher's Book. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

4. (1984) Meanings into Words (Upper-Intermediate) Cassette (Student's Book) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

5. (1984) Meanings into Words, (Upper-Intermediate) Cassette (Drills)

Prescribed Texts

1. Doff, Adrian, Christopher Jones, Keith Mitchell (1984), Meanings into Words (Upper – Intermediate) Student's Book. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2. Meanings into Words (Workbook). Cambridge. Cambridge University Press.

3. Lohani, Adhikari, & Subedi (1998), The Heritage of Word,. Kathmandu: M.K. Publisher.

Past Years' Questions
Toppers' Answer Sheet
Sample Papers
NEB Question Papers
Evaluation Scheme
This paper carries 100 marks, which will be divided as follows:
Core English 60%
Extensive Reading and Writing 40%

Skill-wise the weightage will be as follows:

Reading 40%

Writing 40%

Grammar and language use 20%

Short and long answer questions, questions on vocabulary, grammar and language use, composition, letter writing, essay writing, note making, summary writing, filling in the gaps,rewriting sentences, etc. will be used to assess students' achievement in their studies.Questions will be set to test students' knowledge of the content of the textbooks as well as their ability to use the linguistic tools and skills outside the prescribed textbooks.